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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 25, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. headlines are just ahead. first, a live look from our city cam. a few scattered clouds and temps in the 50s for some of us. a look at the day ahead in just a moment. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. new this morning, montgomery county police say a man was stabbed multiple times along mills choice road. police say the victim was stabbed in the chest and neck. the victim was taken to the hospital. his name and condition have not been released. police have not made any arrests nor released a motive. this morning the search is
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on for a man who shot and robbed a bank customer in takoma park. it happened along university boulevard at 7:00 last night. police say the customer just stepped out of the bank when the robber fired. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. the gunman got away. it's not clear how much money was taken. things are back to normal this morning at dulles airport. several flights were delayed there last night after somebody called in a bomb threat. police appeared to focus their search on two daily parking garages. didn't find anything out of the ordinary, though. inside the terminal, passengers had to wait to board flights. one man already on board a flight to chicago said he and one of the other passengers had to get off their plane. >> normally on time for our flight to chicago. >> they told us to get off for about 35 minutes. pilots said it was a mechanical error. they were going to have us wait
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another 20 minutes. then two minutes later the pilot came on and said there's a tsa emergency, you need to exit immediately. so we took time getting our bags out, and the flight attendant came and said there's an immediate emergency. you need to leave your bags on the plane. >> contrary to what he said, dulles said no one was evacuated. this morning we're running four to seven degrees cooler than where we were yesterday for the same time. for the afternoon, it's going to be milder. we're going to see temperatures, of course, rise. into the upper 60s for the noon hour. the wind at least light. it's at 3 miles per hour. it's that southwest wind you see right now. it is going to help carry our temperatures upward. right now throughout the area, we've got 48 degrees in rockville, maryland.
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areas to the west. falls church at 52 degrees. greenbelt, maryland, you're sitting at 50 degrees. 46 down around alexandria and ft. belvoir. for today a few clouds drifting through right now. by later today, we're going to see an increase in clouds. but first off, the early part of our day mostly clear. again, jacket cool, maybe coat cool for some of you in the northern and western suburbs. 47 to 56 degrees for your 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. temperature. by noontime today, we're seasonable, nice. 67 to 70 degrees. by around 4:00, 72 to 76. that's above yesterday's high of 70 degrees. we'll take a look at the four-day forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes at 4:41. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. checking the roads for you. it's that time of morning. road work still happening in some parts of our area. let's talk about the outer loop of the beltway first as you make your way toward 29. two of your right lanes getting
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by. left lanes are blocked by the road work there. heading over to virginia, inner loop and outer loop. the ramps to 123, that's where you'll find work zones in place wrapping up shortly. also traveling the inner loop at 7. looks like the work is getting by the work zone there. earlier, as you head eastbound at nutley, did have a work zone in place there. nice and clear traveling east and westbound. checking your travel speeds westbound from fairfax county parkway making your way to the beltway you're at 61 miles per hour. just an 11-minute drive. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, back over to you. today president obama will speak before the united nations general assembly. take a look at video from two years ago where he last addressed that international body. the white house says the president will discuss several foreign policy issues, including violent protests in the middle east. mitt romney is criticizing the president for referring to that violence as, quote, bumps in the road on the path to peace.
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the republican presidential nominee is suggesting the president is downplaying the crisis. meanwhile, romney is campaigning today and tomorrow. his bus tour through the buckeye state will focus on energy and trade. romney spent yesterday in another battleground state, ohio. ohio may be key to his strategy. no one has ever lost that state and won the election. vice president joe biden will be in virginia today. he'll be in chesterfield county near richmond. president obama will visit virginia beach on thursday. the commonwealth is one of the hotly contested states this year. the only states the candidates have visited more are florida and ohio, according to "the washington post." egypt is trying to smooth over relations after several attacks on the u.s. embassy in cairo. secretary of state hillary clinton and egyptian president mohamed morsi met last night in the first high level meeting since the attacks. the two discussed the importance of protecting u.s. diplomatic
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offices, and morsi promised to take responsibility for their security. some officials criticized morsi for what they say is a slow response after the attacks. both clinton and morsi are in new york for the u.n. general assembly. a fauquier county community is remembering a popular student-athlete killed in a car crash on his way to school. friends and family held a vigil for 16-year-old ian heflin last night. he died yesterday morning when the car he was riding in slammed into a tree. his 14-year-old sister was also seriously hurt. the 17-year-old driver was not hurt and has not been identified. all three were on their way to liberty high school in bealeton. >> it's a tragedy because your kids walk out the door and they have a driver's license, and you can tell them all you want you need to be careful. when you're driving not only is it you in the car but it's other people's children, and it's hard, hard on anybody to have to go through this.
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>> this is the second car accident in as many years to claim the life of students at liberty high. three students died in a crash last year. maryland regulators are considering a change in policy that right now allows utility companies to charge customers for the first 24 hours of a power outage. the maryland public service commission is reconsidering the billing policy following the summer that left customers without power for days. frustrated customers and power companies spoke at yesterday's hearing. the companies say they need that money to recoup expenses for restoring power. the commission says it will make a decision as soon as possible. bob mcdonald told wtop yesterday morning everybody should contribute to find a solution to transportation during the nationals playoff fames.
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the nationals clinched a postseason berth. the games begin in just three weeks. d.c. council members are in the middle of a fight between taxis and car service uber. the taxi features an app on the smart phone to call a car to pick you up. taxi drivers claim that uber is taking business away from them and doesn't have to follow the rules. some d.c. council members want too much regulation which could shut down the service, uber claims. >> i'm quite convinced that we'll be able to work this out, and these services will flourish in the district of columbia. it's just a matter of figuring out how. >> the taxi commission is also reviewing uber's operation, but it could be months before there are any changes. >> 4:36. melissa mollet at the live desk with breaking news. 20 workers in a coal mine in northwest china have been killed after a steel cable pulling two mine cars ended up breaking. the carriage was taking workers into the mine when they fell
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into the pit. 14 others were injured. china's mines are among the deadliest in the world because of the lax regulation. nearly 2,000 people were killed in accidents last year alone. >> melissa, thank you. 4:37 now. ahead on "news 4 today," the story that everyone is going to be talking about this morning, the controversial call that has fans angry at the nfl. plus where you can get up close and personal with sea creatures without getting your feet wet.
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so you can get up close with sea creatures. the sydney sea life aquarium just finished renovation on underwater tunnels. you can now see 13,000 sea creatures in 10 million gallons of water. the mayor of sydney hopes these renovations will bring more tourists to this city. >> very cool. like i need more reason to go to sydney. i'm dying to go to australia. >> add that to the list. coming up at 4:41 on this tuesday morning. that chill in the air definitely again today. veronica johnson is in the stormcenter for what we can expect again today. >> a nice warmup for today.
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yesterday we hit a high of 70 deg degrees. today even milder. we're starting out chilly. so a light coat or jacket needed again. we're at 45 degrees. in our cooler spots in leesburg. 46 around sandy spring. and silver spring is our hometown city, under a clear sky at 48. by 1:00 today, 71 degrees as skies turn partly sunny. we're going to see an increase in cloud cover today. here's a look at your hour by hour forecast. 75 by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 today. the next couple of days, 83 for tomorrow. look at all that rain coming our way. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few. right now first 4 traffic. >> still watching road work in our area. good news if you're traveling 50, this time outbound as you made your way past 201 to 410, had a roadblock set up.
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clear between 410 as you make your way to new york avenue. lts head over to the beltway this time as you travel towards bw parkway. the good news is the work zone was happening on both the inner loop and the outer loop. it did have just one lane getting by, but now all your lanes are open. this one is a slow work zone in that area. nice and clear right now. that's good news. traveling along i-95, guess what? i have your commute in exactly ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. still to come, the health scare that has one grocery store chain pulling peanut butter off
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a bizarre and controversial
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call at the end of nfl has fans in an all time rage. eight seconds left, seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson throws a hail mary up for grabs in the end zone. it appears seahawks receiver golden tate first commits a pass interference penalty, but the ball is intercepted by green bay. when the players come down, one referee signals a touchdown, the other an interception. ultimately, the six points and the win are awarded to seattle. that call has fans and players furious. >> don't ask me a question about the officials. we'll just cut to the chase. i've never seen anything like that in all my years in football. >> just look at the replay, and then the fact that it was reviewed. it's awful. that's all i'm going to say about it. >> and then there's this wisconsin state senator so upset by the call that he tweeted out nfl commissioner roger goodell's office phone number, and several green bay players may face fines
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from the league after posting tweets we cannot repeat or show you on tv. a tacky tweet aimed at baltimore raven torrey smith has lines lighting up. a fan took a close loss to baltimore too far. she said that smith should call his brother to tell him about the win and ended with #toosoon. smith dedicated the game to his brother tevin he was killed in a motorcycle saturday. he was arguably the player of the game with two touchdowns. the tweet has been removed. yeah, too soon is right. the army corps of engineers is not liable for billions of dollars of damage hurricane katrina caused. the three-judge panel threw out a ruling that the corps should be held responsible for damaged property that they blame on its maintenance of a new orleans shipping channel. the corps of engineers is immune
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from lawsuits under what's called the federal tort claims act. this wildfire in southern california is now deadly. firefighters found the man's body inside a burned home near the mexican border. they say he ignored evacuation orders. neighbors say the man was 82 years old and only had one leg. the wildfire has destroyed at least 30 homes, hundreds of others in jeopardy. officers getting awarded for their work of a tire slasher crime. they say he slashed the tires of 20 latino families. armstrong was convicted of a hate crime, spent a year in jail and forced to move out of the neighborhood. yesterday the anti-defamation league honored the police department with its shield award. >> he was frustrated by the movement of immigrants into his community. that's what fueled it. he was hateful. >> montgomery county police say, if you are the victim of a hate crime, your immigration status
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will not be questioned. today prince george's county police will hold a public hearing about the murder of an honors student. 18-year-old marckel ross was shot and killed in capitol heights earlier this month. tonight's meeting is going to be held at the high school at 7:00. this morning a 15-year-old girl hit by a montgomery county police cruiser is improving. janaya richards was run over last friday. police were responding to a series of fights that broke out after a football game at watkins high school in gaithersburg. richards has a broken pelvic bone and can't walk. >> she's a happy go lucky 15-year-old. i just want my ladybug back, and i want her back at home making us laugh. >> richards' mother says it will take months for her daughter to make a full recovery. in the meantime, montgomery county police are investigating this incident. the officer who hit richards is on administrative leave.
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4:48. for the third time in a week, customs officers at dulles airport seized illegal drugs. agents say a business courier traveling from el salvador on saturday tried to smuggle six pounds of cocaine inside packages of sugar and soup mix. the courier was immediately deported. this morning officials trying to figure out what caused several students at billou high school to get six. three teens were taken to the hospital with stomach pains. they had all eaten apples brought in by a teacher from a family farm. >> the story is the teacher every year during test time brings in apples from her home orchard back in pennsylvania and she gives them out to the students. we're starting to think now that maybe the students were just allergic to apples or some whatever type of pesticides, whatever may have been used on the apples. >> the department of health tested the apples but did not find anything wrong with them. more peanut butter is being recalled this morning after a
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salmonella outbreak. sunland incorporated makes peanut butter for trader joe's and several others. they recalled 76 types. so far 70 salmonella cases in 18 states. today a new american flag is flying at the virginia war memorial in richmond after the previous flag was stolen. a former soldier donated the flag to the memorial. police are trying to figure out who stole the old flag early sunday morning. a memorial spokesperson says they believe it took several people to cut the rope that held the flag on its pole. there is a surveillance camera at the memorial, but it was not pointed at the flags at the time of the crime. fast approaching 4:51 now. i actually had to turn the heat on a little bit in the car. just for my feet this morning. just a little bit. >> this is not the first time it's happened. >> we all like being nice and
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cozy and warm. this is the transition time of year where we really have to get used to the change of weather. by 9:00 a.m., we'll be up to 60 degrees. just hang on. a couple of more hours, and we'll be warming up because we're talking about sunshine, a lot of sunshine for the first half of our day. we're at 53 degrees right now. arlington, virginia, manassas, virginia. you are coming in at 45 chilly degrees. take a look at ft. washington, maryland, right now. 43 degrees your temperature. lexington park, maryland, currently at 50 degrees. we've got just a few clouds out there right now, kind of like yesterday, just a few scattered clouds. at the bus stop this morning, sun's up today at 6:59. 48 to 55 degrees. once again, we're seeing a big range throughout our area with temperatures mostly clear. so a jacket or a light coat is in order for the first part of our day. let's take a look at your afternoon. there's the clouds coming your way for the afternoon. mostly sunny to partly sunny type day.
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once again, we're still tracking a weather front that's going to be moving in for the mid part and for the end of the work week. that's going to bring some showers to the area. i don't think we're talking about much rain here. watch what happens on wednesday. that front gets right by us, and we've got a chance for showers and even some thunderstorms, mainly during the afternoon tomorrow. could have some sprinkles early in the day. but our best chance is for showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. as far as this afternoon, turning partly sunny, milder with 72 to 76 degrees. today our wind out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and then for your evening, getting chilly again, 60 to 67 degrees, back out of the way so you can see the four-day forecast. there you are, afternoon wednesday. a 30% chance, showers and storms, the high 83. the warmest day out of the work week on thursday, 76 with late day rain. and right now even friday we could see some showers around the area.
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and more on saturday, possibly even sunday. kind of a wet period coming our way with maybe somewhere around a half to an inch of rain over the entire time period. let's get a look at traffic. we'll hit the roads with first 4 traffic and danella sealock. >> if you're making the commute along i-95 in virginia. we'll head down there now. things look really good as far as not seeing any road work, nice and clear. no accidents to report as you make your way past prince william parkway. northbound as well as southbound, nice and clear all the way to the beltway, you're good. continuing on to 395, here's what edsall looks like northbound. again, in this area, all the way to the 14th street bridge, north and southbound, no incidents to report. let's head over to i-270 in maryland. here's a live look as you make your way past clarksburg road. traveling southbound a little more than northbound, no major delays, no accidents. you're clear between clarksburg and the beltway. we're back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. aaron and eun, back to you.
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>> some big name travel websites could owe the district millions in back taxes. sites like orbitz, price line, and travelocity have only been handing over taxes on the price of the hotel room, but a judge ruled they owe taxes on the higher retail price that is charged to customers who book the rooms. that means the city could collect up to $10 million in back taxes from the sites. the trade group from the travel company says the decision is incorrect and they will likely appeal. amtrak trains are going to be breaking the speed limit this week in parts of the northeast. the rail service is running some tests on higher speeds during overnight hours on four stretches of track, including the route between perriville, maryland, and wilmington, delaware. speed limits typically run between 135 and 150 miles per hour. that testing is part of a $450 million project to upgrade rail systems for future high speed rail. 4:54 is your time. 57 degrees. making it tougher to have your
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15 seconds of game. coming up at 5:10, hos snooki is inspiring one law maker to crack down on reality tv.
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look can to make a little
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extra cash. toys 'r us is handling 45,000 seasonal workers to handle the rush of online workers. some of those temporary jobs could become permanent. about 15% of the last year's holiday workers became full-time employees. you might want to avoid looking at your investment portfolio today if you own a lot of facebook stock. shares fell another 9.1% yesterday. investors reacted to reports of a possible security bug. online news sites were reporting that private messages were appearing on some facebook users' public time lines. those rumors turned out to be false. facebook stock now trading about 45% below its ipo price of $38 a share. new parents, listen up. there are tricks to soothing a crying baby. >> sometimes bouncing the baby or a car ride can help soothe the little one, but unconventional ways help as well. >> one couple found out the force calms their baby instantly. [ crying ]
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♪ >> that's a smart baby. this video was uploaded to youtube four months ago. you see how the baby suddenly stops crying once the star wars theme song is played. the parents discovered it by accident in their car one day, and it has worked every time ever since. that is a jedi mind trick right there. that is strong. >> he kind of sounds like a wooky, don't you think? >> ben, our producer, get used to that sound. we try everything. blow dryer, running water, turn the fan on in the bathroom, whatever it takes. >> i'll take your word for it. i wouldn't know. >> may the force be with you, friends. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.


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